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I read a lot lately,.. It's good, right...??
It is good if you read 'EDUCATION' related book,..

But, I read 'MANGA' .... nooooooo..

I love to read manga and daydream. Stop..,stop daydreaming. This is real life and real life worst and world are so CRUEL (i haven't experience that yet) I kinda afraid to face the truth, but I enjoy my life now,. No complain.

Dengeki Daisy.. this is my 6th shoujo manga. Usually , I prefer action. Nah, but lately I 've turn more girly < what am I typing >

Dengeki Daisy are so great.. Read it if you want to know.. 

that's all for today, Ja ne.. ~


Happy Birthday, Tsuhima Shotaro

Today is Jan 28 and it's Tsuhima Shotaro Birthday !!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Tsushima-kun,.. 
ōbi Omedetō gozaimasu,  

you already turn 27 years old,..yay

Sad to Happy


Last night,I cannot watch NICO Touches the Walls live chat at Ustream... I was feeling so down and angry and sad, all in one..
But when I wake up, I opened a youtube,...
Thank god, there is someone upload it to youtube.... so happyyyyyyyy. But only 8 minute...it's more than enough..
I was so happy, even though I don't understand..but I'M SO HAPPY......\(^0^)/
coz I can see him smilling and laughing..
and they seem to have fun,..
Hoping I'll never miss it again, to watch it LIVE

/other story > I have two friend on twitter who love flumpool, Yatta, I can talk about flumpool with them..
I was SO happy, and I'm going to say it again,..> I'M SO HAPPY ..
and I found also, flumpool video on youtube >ryuta-kun speak Chinese,kyaa


OMG, OMG.. I found it, I FOUND IT,..
thank you google alert..

Do you remember about that flumpool performance at NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen ??
I found one download link,..
I want to download it, but.. my internet connection T_T

If you guy want to download it, here the link : http://da-vin.com/2012/01/04/tv-music-flumpool-akashi-intro-62th-nhk-kouhaku-uta-gassen-2011-12-31.html

credit to : http://da-vin.com/

Live action Movie XXD


You know what,.... I just found out there is a live action movie for Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu..--->http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=367275  (I'm a bit late)

OMG,.. I don't know what to say... I'm looking forward..
and one more important thing Matsuzaka Tori will play as Tsubaki Kyouta... waaaaaa, can't wait.... and Takei Emi will play as Hibino Tsubaki..

Ohh, forgot.... Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu is Minami Kanan's shoujo manga..
The story was so great.. I love it so much.. Here the main characters :-

>Tsubaki Kyouta
>Hibino Tsubaki

so cute,right??

Bored x____x

I'm going to died because of boredom.... 

Hello, there..How are you??
I'm fine,..but a little bit frustrated with my life,. Nah, skip that boring story..

so what I'm going to write now??/
I don't have any interesting story to tell..
Just now, I was so in love with flumpool... Ryuta-kunnnnn
But NICO still no.1.. lol

I really want to be active in deviantart.com but I don't know what to draw,..
should I open point commision?? ahh. no one want to commish me..
But I need point.. I should try..
pray for me.. 



Hi, there...

My life,,.. I'm suffering... When will this stop,... please.......
Ohh, I feel bad.. Everyone has problem,.. Thinks positive, man....
I can do this..... yoshhhhhhhhh..

Okay, skip that... 

I want to watch that.. flumpool performance at Kouhaku Uta Gassen . 

It look cool, right??

I want to watch it,.. but cannot find it at youtube.. 
I'll try search for it... yeahhhhh XD

NICO Touches the Walls

Hello there, 

Ok now, I want to talk about NICO Touches the Walls. NICO is my first favourite band,. usually I only hear a song from an anime soundtrack.. but it's different for NICO Touches the Walls.
How I knew NICO???

I'm anime lover.. I knew NICO from an anime called "Naruto Shippuden" . Naruto use 'Broken Youth' song as their ending song, but at that time, I just love it as anime soundtrack. And again Naruto use 'Diver' as the OP song.. I saw it and I said to myself "ehh, it's from the same band".. then I open youtube and search "NICO Touches the Walls".

There is the beginning and my first PV is 'Hologram' and then I saw him, Furumura Daisuke(G). Furu-kun was so cool in that PV,. Once I saw that PV, I try to find another...

That's my story.. Now I still love that band,. and their new album "HUMANIA" was AWESOME.. Here are my fave song from Humania:

Koi wo Shiyo
- demon (is there?)
- Te wo Tatake (NICO edition)
- Endless Roll
- Bicycle

Another AWESOME Japanese Band

Hi, there..

You guys know about NICO Touches the Walls? That great awesome Japanese band.. 
Hahaha, NICO is my first favourite band,. usually I only hear a song from an anime soundtrack.. but it's different for NICO Touches the Walls. Once I saw their Hologram PV. ., I was falling in love with Furumura Daisuke... skip this, I will write about NICO on my next post.. actually now I want to talk about ANOTHER AWESOME JAPANESE BAND..

and the band I want to talk about is flumpool ~~~

I don't know how to start.. Actually I just fall in love with flumpool.. If I don't mistake it was on Dec 24,hahaha
I've been listen to their song lately, and it was AWESOME.. Here is my fave song:

Hana ni Nare
- Harukaze
- Hoshi ni Negai wo

- Mitsumete Itai
- Donna Mirai ni mo Ai wa Aru/Touch
- two of us
- Akashi
- Present

There's a lot of them...(>w<)                   

If you guys want to fall in love with flumpool like I do ,I highly recommended to you--> Akashi ..
Listen to that song now.....AND you will love this band,..

There is one more thing, the vocalist, Ryuta-kun so Kawaiiiii ~~~~
Now, I think I should stop here ,..Sayounara.            




I already joined livejournal a few days ago but I don't post anything.. So this is my first entry...
I don't know what to say..  so let me introduce myself : 

Just call me Rin.. I'm 20 years old.. My favorite colour is Blue, green and white..
I love Japan , anime, japanese music, japanese drama and manga
What do you want to know about me?? Nah, it will be boring if I told you guys about me,..,hahaha

Actually I don't know what is livejournal for..?? 
So, I will post random thing about what happen in my life(myboringlifestory)

That's all for today..see ya